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What Types of Services Does an HVAC Contractor Offer?

HVAC contractors offer many different types of services, so it’s important to understand the differences before you hire one. Some are more specialized than others, and some specialize in one or two areas. For example, a contractor who specializes in commercial refrigeration may be the best option if you’re in need of repairs for a water-based heating system or solar technology. In either case, you can read reviews and customer ratings to get an idea of the types of services they offer.

In addition to providing installation services, HVAC contractors need to keep filters and ducts clean to maximize efficiency. Inefficient air ducts can lead to reduced energy efficiency. Clogged filters cause 14,000 fires a year in the United States. To stay up to date, HVAC contractors must stay on top of technological advances. This means staying abreast of new devices that can save energy, reduce your energy bills, and improve the convenience of your home or business. For example, mini-split systems are relatively new in the United States and have many benefits, such as requiring less energy and not requiring ductwork.

Before hiring an HVAC contractor, make sure they’re licensed in your state. The State has no reciprocity with other states, so if you live in a state that requires a license for HVAC work, you need to check if the state’s licensing requirements are the same. You may have to pay an additional $50 to renew your license every three years. Additionally, be aware that EPA certification is not enough to legally perform HVAC work in another state. However, if you’re an experienced contractor, you’re likely to have an advantage over non-licensed contractors.

An HVAC contractor should be able to handle three core services: installation and repair. They can also recommend ways to save money on heating and cooling bills by improving insulation around air ducts. And, they should be able to provide expert advice on the best ways to maintain the efficiency of your equipment. It’s also best to look for HVAC contractors who can offer the best deals and use top-quality equipment. So, don’t wait any longer to get your HVAC system fixed.

An HVAC Contractor may also offer duct cleaning services. This service can help you ensure that you’re getting the highest quality air possible, while removing dust and other particles. Some contractors also offer boiler and water-based heating system repair and maintenance services. These two types of HVAC systems work very differently from each other, and there are many contractors who specialize in both. The contractors are trained to check and repair both types of apparatuses to ensure that they’re working properly. They may even test the thermostats and change filters.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, an HVAC contractor will install a new system. This involves surveying your current HVAC system and taking measurements to determine the size of the new one. A new system may require ductwork or a ductless system. If a new system is installed, you’ll also need to connect the new units to the existing piping and ductwork.

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